We are committed to reducing our impact on the planet any way we can.

All of our product labels are made from certified sustainably managed plantation fibres and printed using environmentally friendly inks. We use recyclable glass jars and bottles where possible, limiting plastic just some of the lids (we are working on finding a solution to make these totally plastic-free).

All of our pouches for Bath Salts, Scrubs etc are RedCycle Friendly. This means they are able to be given a second life and recycled into park benches, roads and more! All you have to do is collect them up with your other household soft plastics and drop them off at your local collection point.

You may have noticed your order comes in a cardboard box filled with shredded paper, this is so you can recycle the whole thing. Oh and that pretty paper tape sealing it all and keeping it safe, that is eco-friendly too! Our paper tape is produced with FSC Certified paper, using a soy based ink and vegetable adhesive made from potato starch, how cool is that!

We are also a proud supporter of HeroPack’s HeroLabels which means the postage labels we use are 100% Compostable thanks to their worm-friendly natural adhesive!